Thursday, March 28, 2013


 Sweet Tiki crossed the Rainbow Bridge.    She was the beloved girl of her parents and they are just devastated by this loss.
 She was hoping to make it to Easter.
 She enjoyed playing and getting under things.
 She let everyone know when the time changed-- and she wanted to sleep in.
 She has her Easter ears and eggs ready.
 She celebrated St. Patrick's Day-- she was ready for fun!
Her cancer became too much for her to overcome.    Her mom posted this on facebook.    Most of us know the loss of a beloved pet and we share the sorrow she is feeling now.     We're so sorry-- rest in peace, sweet Tiki.


lady jicky said...

We send our love to you at this hard time .

I just love Tiki's fluffy paws!

Nicky said...

I read about Tiki yesterday. So sorry that she was stricken with cancer and for the loss of your beloved family member.

Doris Sturm said...

Poor sweet Tiki and poor Angi. My heart goes out to Angi in this time of pain and sorrow. Bless them both. I know Angi was an excellent mommy to Tiki and they will meet again some day - I'm counting on meeting my Gizzy one day too! It's so sad to have to say good-bye. My deepest condolences.