Sunday, March 3, 2013


 We took Wheatly in from a shelter in Maryland and he was young, and had obviously been through a lot.   He is about a year and a half now.   Just look at that smile.
He is at a foster home in N.Va. and has become a calm and sweet boy there.    He smiles just about all the time.     He is with four other dogs-- two are Pekingese-- and he does great.   
Wheatly is doing well on the leash and loves being praised and encouraged.    When we took him from the shelter, he obviously had not been given much love or attention, but now he faces a future with a lot of both.
Look at the teeth!   Love that!   If you are interested in Wheatly, just let us know!

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lady jicky said...

Such a happy face and I love his colouring too!