Friday, March 1, 2013


 Taylor came into rescue last September.    Here he is now, a far cry from the dog we took in. I love the head tilt!
 He was covered in fleas, he had huge eye folds (nasal folds) and he needed help.   His owners sometimes "forgot" to feed him.  Really, what kind of person does that??
 Taylor had eye surgery done and was cleaned up, and fed good meals.   He ate so fast because he was afraid the food would disappear if he didn't.    He knows now that he will be fed every day.
 His coat has filled out and he is a beautiful little boy.    When his foster mom is working, he is napping on the couch or running around with his foster sister, entertaining themselves.    He loves to play with other dogs, go for walks, and be loved on.    He is not an alpha dog at all.  He is wonderful with children-- of course, children need to be wonderful back.   (I know some who poke and prod, and no dog likes that-- hey, I don't like that!)
Taylor is 3 years old and about 12-13 pounds.    He is ready for his forever home!

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lady jicky said...

Another one that needs a passport Linda! He is divine!