Thursday, February 28, 2013


 Hollyberry was able to take her e-collar off after 13 days.   She had the second tumor surgery and we are so grateful that her biopsy said NO CANCER.     Here she is all curled up without the e-collar.   I'm sure it was like taking a lot of weight off.    Plus, she can see now!
 She managed to get around her regular e-collar, and could lick the staples she had-- so she had to go to a huge e-collar.    If they just knew those e-collars are for their protection.  She took her meds so well with peanut butter and she never complained!     She wore her e-collar like a crown.   What a girl!  
She gets her staples out today and hopefully, will have no more problems.   Her mom sure does love her and says she is such a sweet baby.    I'm so glad Hollyberry has such a wonderful mom now.

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lady jicky said...

We all send our love to Ms Hollyberry! Such a brave girl.