Wednesday, February 6, 2013


 Maddy sent me an email.    I love to hear from our adopted dogs-- they are so smart to be able to send me emails!    Here's what he said, "My 'servants" are downstairs so I thought I would type out a short message-still can't figure this skype thing out. My Daddy told me you asked about me. They picked me up the day after new years. I was very happy to see them...I was running out of treats at Jelene's! She spoils me rotten...UNLIKE some "people" I know."
Still Mommy and Daddy do play well and I am the only doggie here - so that is something.  I need to take a break and chew on my moose for a minute.  It is so convenient having a wireless keyboard...I can chew my moose and type at the same time!!"

 His owners decided it was time for them to write me an email, too.  Equal time for owners!   He discovered that Maddy has a tennis ball addiction.   (I think some of us can relate to this.)
 Maddy only gets his tennis ball when his owners are willing to play, too.  That's because THEY have to get it out from under the furniture.   But, Maddy found a ball under the deck-- it was old, dirty, smelly and he was ECSTATIC!!    Before his mom and dad could get it from him, he bolted up the stairs and into the bedroom where he sleeps and started to play with it.    If his dad got close, Maddy stopped and held it  close in his mouth.  
 Oh, look at that ball.    UGH.    The dogs don't care though.   He decided to try to bury it in the rug.    Then, he unburied it.   Oh, what a fun game!  
To get it away from him, his dad had to come up with a plan.   He got the leash and rattled the harness.   Maddy fell for it!   He ran over and he had a quick, unexpected walk around midnight!    His mom ran to get the ball and get rid of it.    Maddy spent 30 minutes trying to figure out where it went.     I guess he had to settle for another toy-- and his dad is going to clean under the deck to make sure there are no more hidden treasures!


lady jicky said...

I am smiling as I type for this little one has found a loving home and the owners are so happy too!

You really do great work Linda!!!

Paladin2010 said...

So THAT's where MY BALL went!!!!


Linda said...

Maddy, did they get you another ball? It only seems fair. :-)