Tuesday, February 19, 2013


 Abner (who will be Remy is his future home) is doing great after his eye surgery.  He has a clear e-collar on which makes it easier to see.  
 He loves toys!
 This big block is eat to find  and push around.
 Kay and Claretta sent this one from NC.   Piper loves it because it has an empty water bottle inside and makes funny noises.   Abner/Remy likes it, too.
 The pink octopus is another favorite.  When you have an e-collar on, bigger toys are fun to play with and find.
 But, his favorite "toy" is Piper!   What are you doing on the table, Piper?
 Are you hiding from Abner/Remy?
 I know you're there somewhere!
 He's hiding in Beach Bit's Thomas the Train tent!   I see you Piper.
 He loves the snow that came, but....
His favorite "thiing" is his friend, Piper!

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lady jicky said...

I always find it fascinating when I see a Peke with a toy .... mine will NOT play with them!

Abner and Piper are so sweet.