Sunday, February 17, 2013


 Look who just came into rescue.  This is Jeffrey, who came to us on a transport at almost midnight on Friday!   Poor Jeanne-- this is way past her bedtime (and mine, too!).  
 Dr. Bolling (at Acredale Animal Hospital in Va. Beach) checked him out thoroughly and he was such a good boy!   (I love our vets!)
 You can see he will need nasal fold (eye fold) surgery and he'll get a dental also.   The vet thinks he is about 5 years old.
 He's checking out the exam room.    We gave him a cookie for being such a good boy with all the vaccines, bloodwork...    He has a very gentle mouth-- not like some of mine who grab cookies and part of my finger too, if they have a chance!
He is a big boy at almost 24 pounds-- but he's solid.    He will be on a little diet though.    Once he has his surgery and has recovered, he'll be ready for a new home!   Just apply on our web site  


lady jicky said...

Oh he is such a lovely big boy!

Theresa Bognar said...

I think I use to groom Jeffrey, when he was just a little guy. What a love bug.