Saturday, February 9, 2013


 My "granddog" is a lab shepherd mix and she is about 11 years old now.    Sh is like a "nanny dog" with my grandbits and is such a great dog.  But, she must think she's small.   She gets in the Pekingese-sized pink bed.    Really, Pi-Pi, you are too big!
 Those pink bed are made for Pekes-- like Lacy.   She has a great pink bed!  
Maybe I'll just have to get her a bigger bed.     The one below is great.
 It's called a Buttercup bed, because you can tighten up the strings and it can become a "flower."
It can also lay flat.    There are two sizes-- 24 inches wide and 32 inches wide-- which is pretty good size!
We have some of these- in both sizes- that were donated to us to sell to raise money for rescue.   On line, they are $54.99 (small) and $89.99 (big).    I'm not sure what price we'll have on them, but I know these will be a popular item!     They are thick and cushy and my dogs love the ones I have!  They are washable and of great quality.    I'll be bringing them to the picnic, so if you think you're interested in one, just let me know.   All the proceeds go to the foster dogs.   And maybe I'll have to get one of them for Pi-Pi-- :-).

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lady jicky said...

Do you have those pink beds in people size Linda!! LOL