Monday, February 11, 2013


I read an article on home remedies for pets.    I thought I'd share some with you.   You can read the article here: Click here: 12 Home Remedies for Pets - PawNation  (This is Piper above, half on the ottoman and half on the stool.    He can get in the strangest places!)
Tommy above was adopted last year.     In the winter, it is good to put vitamin E on your pet's food.  It's helps with dry skin that winter brings.   And the heaters in the house can lead to dry skin, too.    
If you dog is dehydrated, you can give Pedialyte, a rehydration fluid for children who have had diarrhea.   It is lower in sugar and higher in electrolytes than Gatorade.    Above is Connor.   He was just adopted last month and his new mom said, "We are coming up on our 3 week anniversary with Connor. He is our baby. What did we do before we had him? Hard to imagine. Thanks to Jeanne, Potomac Peke club, and everyone involved in saving Connor. We are forever thankful!"
Penny and Asia are peeking out the window (or should I say "Pekeing" out the window)-- their mom is either coming or going and they are watching!    I know they love to be outside.   Sometimes, there's snow on the ground and it can be hard on little furry feet. You can apply petroleum jellyto their paw pads before walk to protect them from ice and salt.    Apply again after their walk, cleaning them and rubbing on vaseline to sooth chapped paws.  (I use baby wipes to wipe paws.)
Do dogs get bad breath?    Sometimes, this can indicate the need for a dental (a bad tooth, infected gums...), but it may just be from their doggy kibble.    So, give them pieces of carrots-- I use the little carrots you can get in a bag.  My dogs love them!  And the texture will help get rid of some of the plaque on the teeth.    Above is Chloe, one of our adopted dogs who lives in Richmond-- she's all relaxed on her mom's bed!
If you ever have a problem with fleas (a visit to another home, a walk in the park..), you can use Dawn dish detergent to kill fleas.   Use a little bit on your dog's neck as you wash (surround the neck area so fleas don't climb up toward the head), and then work down to the tail.  It doesn't take much to add to your dog's shampoo, and it will kill off those fleas!    Do NOT use a flea product bought in a grocery store (Hartz or Sargeant), because they can be very harsh, and toxic.
 Hollyberry came into rescue with horrible skin.    I used an aloe-oatmeal shampoo on her.    My vet carries one that smells SO Good and it's wonderful for the dog's skin.
 Epsom salt can be used if your dog's feet are itching.  Just fill a bathtub with a couple inches of water, and  epsom salt and soak your dog's feet for a few minutes.    Epsom salt can also be used to sooth wounds.   Check with your vet first, of course.    (Piper above, loves to suck on my thumb-- he may have been weaned too early, or he may just like to "gum" things.)  
Mesha came into rescue late last year-- he is a foster dog with Jeanne and he loves playing with her dogs. I don't think he's been constipated, but if he was, Jeanne could give him pumpkin.    It's a good fiber to add to the dog food and most dogs love it.    
Metamucil can also be used for dogs-- for diarrhea.    It's also a fiber and just a 1/4 teaspoon can help a Pekingese who's having a problem.    It can also help with constipation-- it's a fiber, so it gets things back in order.    This is Briscoe, who was adopted late last year with Festus.    I got to visit them and they are so cute!
Cranberries are a natural way to help urinary tract health.    My Cranberry has bladder issues (common in Pekingese) and cranberry supplements can help her.    They come in pill and power form.    
Festus  is Briscoe's brother-- they were fostered together even though they didn't come in together, and they were adopted together!    Festus is so cute-- his ears perk up if he knows you are talking to him.    I am sure he hasn't gotten into anything he shouldn't, but if he does, his mom can induce vomiting by giving him hydrogen peroxide-- but only after checking with the vet.   I know people who have done this, and immediate veterinary help is next.    (Again, CHECK WITH YOUR VET or call the emergency vet in your area.)
I had to include a picture of Daisy-- she's the sister of Briscoe and Festus.   If she gets a hairball, her momcan give her a little butter.    It works to create a smooth passage through the system.    Daisy, what do you think of this idea?
Stitch, who was adopted in 2006, knows the more information we owners have, the better we can take care of our pets.     One more thing:    Dr. Lucinda Hodges  said to not use Pepto-Bismal because it does have some aspirin in it. I didn't know that!


Toni Davis said...

My neighbor taught me to put dish detergent into one of those sprayers that goes on the end of a hose and I spray the whole back yard with this soapy mixture. It does not harm the pets but it kills the fleas in your yard. Of course, it needs to be re-done after each rain. It works!

lady jicky said...

I must try the Vit. E.