Saturday, February 2, 2013


 Champagne Bubbles was a stray at a local shelter.   She arrived the January 9, but no one came to claim her.    She had kennel cough so was in isolation.
 Her eyes were inflamed, and her eye/nasal folds were right on her eye balls.    Makes my eyes hurt!
 She is about 8 years old, under 14 pounds, and very sweet.    She saw the opthalmologist yesterday and has some drops.   She will have the eye/nasal fold surgery next week and we hope she will regain some sight in one of her eyes.    She is super sweet and gets along with dogs and cats.    She is also housetrained! (always a plus)
Bubbles will be ready for a new home in about a month, so if you are interested in her, please fill out our application.    Click here: Online Application adopt - Potomac Valley Pekingese Club

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lady jicky said...

Oh poor Miss bubbles - her eyes must hurt so!
I do hope this sweet girl will find a loving and kind home real soon .
I am doing my "adoption dance" Linda!