Wednesday, January 15, 2014


 This is Evangeline-- Evie for short.   No, she's not a Pekingese.
 I did a home check last week for another rescue group, located in N.Va.    Evie was adopted and then due to the wife's allergies, Evie needed to be returned.   The problem is that the group couldn't figure out what to do with her short term.   I volunteered to help.   I'm crazy!
 I set up an xpen for her and my Pekes were looking at her-- "Where's her nose!?"
 Evie is very smart.   She helped me to send an email to her rescue group to tell them she was safe.
 She is doing just fine!
 Evie is 9 weeks old and 7 pounds.   I put a pink sweater on her to keep her warm.  She's a baby, after all.
 Starlight was NOT happy about Evie being here.   Kai Kai was ignoring her.
 Evie was not giving up.    She was going to have fun here.
 Max is wondering where this puppy came from!
 Don't worry guy, she's only here until this week-end.
 She can jump on the couch, and loves toys!  
 Being a puppy, she does play a lot and she naps a lot.     She would NOT sleep in her crate (I wanted to sleep, too) so we put her in bed with us.  She was a happy camper.
 Beach Bit was so excited for a puppy to be here.
 They tried to take a nap together-- you know neither one slept!
 Evie insisted on being in the rocker with Kai Kai.
 And after she's all played out, she curls up for another nap.    That's puppies for you.  


Ted & Grace's Mom said...

She is adorable! But boy howdy, can you see the disgust on Starlight's face and anger in her eyes!! LOL

lady jicky said...

Oh she is so cute and sweet !
I can see a "Take Me HOME" look in her eyes!

Wonderful girl for a family who wants a small and cute puppy!
I do not think she will grow really big and I think she has a "Jackie 'O' Russell Terrier" in her! LOL
I am doing my "Adoption Dance" for her!

Toni Davis said...

She is so cute Linda! And only 9 weeks old:) Puppy fun:) Starlight showed no mercy as usual:)