Thursday, January 23, 2014


 Look what the Tuesday night brought.    Snow!
 The dogs weren't too sure about it-- but it was beautiful!
 I looked out the door to the porch and there was snow on the furniture and floor.
 The snow gave a peaceful covering to everything.
 The swingset had a new look.
 It would be tough to do a coloring project at this desk.
 Even dog toys were covered by snow.
 Snow came in the doggy door.
 The floral carpet had snow on it-- the rocker was a bit icy, too.
 Beach Bit's swing had snow in  it.
 We came inside and I looked out and it was so peaceful.   I love the quiet feeling that snow and cold weather bring.    There is an incredible beauty about it.
 Max got back on his ottoman so that he could watch the snow and make sure no invaders came in the yard.
 Starlight was warmer inside.
 Scooter loves being outside, and he was being cute to get me to open the door again.
 So, I did and he and Starlight went back out.
 Can you see Starlight?   She's there.
 Kai Kai stayed in.
 But, when Max went out, too, Kai Kai had to join in the fun.
 Follow the leader!
 I love this.
 Bushes and branches bent over with the weight of the snow.
 I put Scooter's coat on-- because of all his health issues, he needs a coat.   He'd rather NOT have it on.  (Don't you love his tongue!)   Here he is coming up the steps-- I still talk to him even though he's almost deaf:   Click here: ? ScooterJanSnow - YouTube
 But, he wants to wander, so I let him.
 We'll enjoy the snow, because in Virginia Beach, I know it won't last long.
 For now, it's beautiful!
 Scooter loves it, so we'll be in and out a lot!   Did it snow near you?
Oh, my new boots sure helped keep my feet dry and warm-- Love them!

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lady jicky said...

How beautiful !
Do the Peke's have frozen paws when they come inside Linda???

I know you don't have frozen paws with those boots! Cute too!