Sunday, January 12, 2014


 You know I've done blogs before on dogs who have a job.  It's important for them to feel needed and valuable!
 Mr. Winks' job in November and December was helping his dad renovate the kitchen.
 He watched every step and he was a tough task-master!
 He sat in the midst of the chaos (just ask his mom) and made sure everything was done right.    (I like the new refrigerator!)
He went back and forth, checking everything to make sure it was done.
 Most of it was done by Christmas.    I'm sure Lacy Beans helped with the decorating--that wasn't Mr. Winks' job.
 Lacy could rest and watch.....
 And just look beautiful under the tree.
 And then, the kitchen was done!   Yippee!!   It's BEAUTIFUL!!
 Now, Lacy can really relax.
 And Mr. Winks can just sit and think about the next job he's going to do.    I can see the wheels in his head turning.
For now, though, he's taking a much needed break-- being a kitchen renovation supervisor is such hard work!

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lady jicky said...

Mr Winks is a "must" for any renovation!!!