Sunday, May 25, 2014


 Chyna was the beloved Pug-Peke of Lisa.   Lisa adopted Ba-Ge from me in 2005 and that's how we met.
 Ba-Ge was a sweet 6 year old that I was fostering-- which means  he's about 15 now!  Hard to believe.   He used to "dance" on the end of the couch whenever we got home since it was too hard to be in the midst of a crowd of Pekes.   He just waited his turn.
 Ba-Ge and Chyna were great friends for 9 years and  I know he will miss her so much-- as will Chyna's family.
Chyna had 17 wonderful years of love.    Run  free, now little one.


Ted & Grace's Mom said...

So sorry for Chyna's family..... :(

lady jicky said...

Oh I am so sorry for your loss .

I had a pug along time too .... they are so sweet .

Fiona Ross said...

So sorry for your loss...

Kristin Cooper said...

Enjoy your new wings, Chyna. Make sure you come and say hello to your family every so often to let them know you are fine. They will miss you so much!! My condolences to the family ... <<< Big hugs >>>

Mysticchyna said...

omg, linda that is so kind of you to post this. thank you for your support.