Friday, August 7, 2015


It's been 5 years since we had the "Bristol 18" rescue.   Eighteen Pekes were rescued by a back yard breeder who had neglected, abused, and mistreated 18 Pekingese in her "care."    Arby (Rosebud) above was one of them.
She was about 8 when we got her, so she's 13 now.  And look how beautiful she is!
Snowflake, who was renamed Sabre, and then became Diggity Dog, was 6 years old when he was rescued.
The owner just had no idea how to care for these dogs-- but we did.
Diggity Dog lives near me with his sister, Daffodil.   Daffodil is his best friend, and even though she is 16, she can still run around him.  Diggity began to lose his hair 3 years ago, so he wears clothes now if he needs to stay warm.   His family adores him.    They told me he is their first lap dog.   He loves attention and gets all he needs.
Chubs was a beautiful 7 year old male.   He was adopted by a good friend of mine and renamed Pablo.  
Pablo passed away in November, at 11 years old.   Many of these Pekes had such a compromised beginning that it shortened their lives.
 Rita was adopted and became Jingles.   She had a wonderful life, but died a year after being adopted.  She was only 8 years old.  We don't know what happened, but she had a year of love, and sometimes, that is all we can give them.
 There were two puppies in the intake-- they were 5 weeks old and kept in deplorable condition.
 But, they thrived in rescue.
 They became Carter...
 And Colby.
 Carter still lives with his foster mom-- his adoptive mom-- she was instrumental in caring for all of these dogs during our initial intake.   Jeanne deserved a medal!
Colby just had his summer cut recently.   Oh my, what are you thinking?  That face!
 Romeo was a 3 year old when we got him.   He became Sam and still lives in Richmond with his family.
These dogs came from disgusting conditions and went to loving homes.   We know some have crossed the Rainbow Bridge now, but some are still with us and having wonderful lives.   
 Brandy was the puppies' mom-- she was a thin 9 pounds, half what she needed to be.
 And look at her now-- see the teeth. :-)
She is a happy, and cherished dog.  (Her brother is Camden, also adopted from us.)    In rescue, we do all we can-- as Anita (who was our contact to get these dogs and who transported them to us) said, "If even one life is saved, and a sweet dog soul gets a wonderful home, it is always worth any journey, and it can be counted as a wonderful day!!"    I agree!   
 Penny, formelry Katrina, was another one who was in the Bristol 18.   She was one of the "best cared for" of the group.  
She loves her new home and friends!!   Here she is playing with her brother Cosmo-- Click here: Cosmo and Pretty Penny Playing.AVI - YouTube   
Penny with Ju-Li, who came in together.   They were fostered by Beth, and both have wonderful homes now-- I know Beth misses them.     Without our wonderful foster homes and supporters, we could not do all this.    These happy stories are  what makes rescue worth all we do!


lady jicky said...

I remember when you got them Linda !
Oh don't they look so good .... you would never think of their start .

Kisses to them all from Australia !!!!!!!

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Thank you PVPR for helping "The Bristol 18!" Even though some have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, they were loved and cared for after their horrible beginnings. Love all of the Peke pics, their updates, and happy tails! <3 :)