Friday, August 21, 2015


 Yodi came into rescue last week and made his way to the Virginia Beach area.  
 He did great in the car!  
 He came to my house so his foster mom could pick him up.   Chumley was wondering who the new dog was.  My crew is so used to dogs coming and going that they just say, "Hey!  Welcome!"
 Madeline had to check him out.
 Then, Yodi checked out Madeline.
 Then, Madeline checked Yodi, while Yodi checked Kai Kai and Chumley just watched.
 Is everyone okay with how everyone else smells?
 I guess a few more checks were in order.
 All is good.    Yodi was SO sweet.  Just a dollbaby!
 He walked around the grandbits and was just fine.   Then, his foster mom came and picked him up and he had another short car ride.
Yodi is doing great in his foster home.   His foster mom, Paula, said he loves to sit with you, seems to be housetrained, was fine with her other Pekes.  She said he is AWESOME!!    If you are interested in a laid back, sweet, 4 year old, he may be the one!

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lady jicky said...

OMG ... just loved that gonga line of "check outs" !!!! LOL