Sunday, October 16, 2016


 Cosmo was my very first foster dog.   That first one is so special.
 He had the most adorable face-- with his little teeth sticking out.
 I was asked to foster him in May of 2003-- over 13 years ago.
 Cosmo and his brother Winston loved the beach.
 They were best friends.
 Cosmo was only with me a month as a foster.   I drove him to N. Virginia to meet his potential parents and they adopted him.  I cried all the way home.   He turned from "shelter dog" with a small amount of hair to a real beauty.   His coat became thick and long and he was given so much love.
 We think he was young when we got him-- but we're never sure of their ages.  
 We know he was at least 15 this year.
 He was an old boy and he developed mouth cancer.  It's an aggressive cancer and his mom knew it was time.
 He did well for awhile  He slept a lot and stayed in his bed.
 His brother, Winston, is going to miss him.
 Cosmo was very devoted to his mom and dad.    I remember when a dog tried to come after him and Winston- and his dad took the dog on!   Jim loved his little man!  Marian, his mom, adored him.
 Cosmo lived a long and loved life-- but we're never ready.   We want them to live forever.
Run free now, sweet Cosmo.   Find your foster brother, Scooterbug, and your foster sister, Cranberry-- run and play with them.   You were greatly loved and will be so missed.
Linda Maxwell/blog author

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LadyJicky said...

Oh so sad but ..... he had a wonderful life and I am sure you ALL will miss him so.