Friday, July 21, 2017


 Floyd has the right idea when it's in the 90s.  Stay on the air conditioning vent.
 Gaby (formerly Gabriel) lives in South Dakota now.  He was adopted by a friend of mine who loves her pets!!  She has a horse, chickens, dogs, and a pig!  I don't know how hot it gets in South Dakota, but the cool floor probably feels great.
 Benjamin and Kai Kai think the tile feels great.  
 In the summer, when temperatures are rising, it can be almost too hot to breathe!   And if you're a Pekingese, with a flat face, it is even more difficult.  They should be outside only for a short time.  They can over heat quickly.  And the asphalt-- that can get so hot that it can burn their feet.  
 Jasper is catered to and so loved.  He is one of our forever fosters.   He stays inside when it's hot.  (And only goes out with his mom.)
Mr. Waddles only goes out for short times.  As dogs get older, it's even harder to regulate their breathing and temperature when it's hot outside.   So, be cautious with your pets during the summer's hot days.  

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LadyJicky said...

Darn cold in my neck of the woods!

Still .... we get very hot in summer and its so important to look after your pets - especially ones like Pekingese with their breathing issues.