Thursday, July 20, 2017


 Do you remember that Mattie was found by my daughter?   Molly (my daughter) has an amazing ability or gift to find pets in need.  Mattie was in the right place for Molly to find her that day and we are SO GLAD that she did!  
 Animals seem to find Molly.  And this crow is no exception.   We were out in her yard (and that's my house across the street-- we are close!), and saw this bird.  We walked close and he didn't move.  
 He could not fly and we didn't want to just leave him there.  So, she called animal control and they contacted wildlife rescue, who came out within 20 minutes to get the bird.   I told her I did Pekingese rescue-- and she said, "Oh, aren't they kind of mean?"   LOL  She then reached out and just grabbed the bird, with skill and knowledge.  I would not have done that!   She feels the same way about Pekingese!   So funny!
 I came back home after the bird rescue was done and there was Floyd, waiting for me by the door.  He is so loyal.
 Floyd can't hear, but Mattie was watching for me and when she came over, Floyd knew I was coming and he got up.   I love this picture!
Unlike crows, Pekingese are loving and loyal.   I'll take them over crows any day!


LadyJicky said...

We have a lot of crows this time of year ...... I would prefer Pekingese any day to crows! LOL

Its funny .... Pekingese is a Chinese dog but crows..... seem to be in the USA , Australia and in the UK ..... I bet they are in Europe too.

Teresa Jura said...

Anyone that says a peke is mean don't know what they're missing❤

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Pekes used to be in the top 10 for biting mailmen! But Pekes are very protective of their owners. If provoked, Pekes can be "mean." Otherwise, they are very loving dogs.