Saturday, July 8, 2017


 Some of you have asked me how Charlie is doing.   He had a lot of mouth, gum, teeth repair on Monday.
 He has been eating very soft food-- almost like soup since his gum repair was so tender.  (He had two fistulas--holes going from his mouth up to the nasal passage.) But, he IS eating!
 He slept most of the time for a few days after surgery-- pain meds can do that.  He lost nine more teeth during the surgery (some had been removed last month when we began the care for him).  
Charlie is feeling better, and his mouth is healing.  It will take time though, and he only has one bottom tooth now, and some front teeth on the top.  Charlie was in such terrible condition, but he is getting so much love and care.   He will begin the pre-treatment for his heartworm disease in two weeks.  We don't want to load him up on too many meds.   After a month on pre-treatment meds, he will have his first heartworm treatment.  This also gives him time for his body to gain weight and health.  He is on heartguard, which is the only heartworm preventative pill a heartworm positive dog can be on, and this helps begin to control it some.)  This little man is so sweet and is holding his tail up again.  We have raised about half of the money for his mouth surgery, and will still have his heartworm treatment ahead of us.   Thank you to everyone who has donated to his care.  You are the best!!


LadyJicky said...

Its great to read that Charlie is on his way to better health!!

Mike LaBelle said...

Great News!! Go Charlie..