Thursday, May 3, 2018


Pooky came to us before Christmas after his owner passed away.
 He was an old boy, and he wasn't in great shape, but Jan stepped up to foster him and do all that could be done.
 Here he was on his ride to rescue.  He was so sweet and happy.
 Bella wasn't too sure about this visitor-- but she soon realized he was just a little old man and she said he could stay.
 He had all the medical care, food and love that he could have.  He followed his foster mom all over.
 He slept a lot-- seniors do-- but he was comfortable and safe.  He suddenly lost the use of his back legs, and the vet came to see him.  A few days later, he lost the ability to use his front legs.  It could have been a brain issue, but he was telling his mom that it was time to go. 
He wore this bell all the time so that Jan could know where he was.  Jan hung it where she could see it and she could remember this sweet little boy.   He left a lasting impression on her heart.  Run free, now little man.  ❤️

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