Monday, September 24, 2018


Harrison came to us in January of 2017.   He wasn't a young one and had been in a vet for four months after his owner died.  He was turned over to a shelter when no one came for him or wanted to continue his care at the vet. 
He was a "cranky old man" and he just needed time to get the kinks worked out-- over 4 months without a lot of moving around can cause a lot of stiff muscles.
We had an application for him within a month!   I love those people who want the older ones, the timid ones-- the ones that others don't apply for.
Harrison is about 12 now, and you can see he's come a long way-- lounging in comfort, loved by his mom and dad.
He heard they volunteered to take in a foster-- Andy, now Mr. Rooney.  He was adopted by them within two weeks. :-)  I love that!
Mr. Rooney and Harrison are now brothers and love their wagon rides together. 
Mr. Rooney/Andy doesn't want to be in charge.   He was so timid after going through a hard year (his owners died and then the second owner died within a year).   He has settled in and is going to stay right there.  (I always wanted to just kiss his face!  It's so cute!)
Harrison is okay with that.  He's used to having a buddy now.
You can find them laying near each other...
Or just taking a long afternoon snooze!   Thank you, Kim and Jamie, for adopting these two special boys.


LadyJicky said...

Kim and Jamie are Peke Angels !

Jamie said...

These guys have been a welcome addition to our home. I love them so much. Thanks to my wife for all the support she gives us. They make my day every day. Thanks Linda for making it all possible