Thursday, September 13, 2018


 I loved all the pictures and lessons sent in, and there were so many, I had to do ANOTHER blog to share them!   This is Belina, who taught her mom to cherish each day.   She stole her heart.
 Oh, Gigi, my granddog.   My daughter/granddaughter said, "Be Magical, or at least be very patient with small humans."  -- and Gigi is!
 Joshua was one of my favorite fosters because he and my Scooterbug were great friends.  Oh, how they played.  They have both gone to the Rainbow Bridge, but Joshua would say, "Happiness is the Pekingese Picnic!"  (We hold this each year.)  He also said, "You have to wear a sweater when your mom is cold."  🌝
 Jimmy told his mom, "Even a tough guy needs a toy... every once in a while."
 Oh, it's Joshua again-- Happiness!!
 His sister, Ginger Snap said, "The grass is not always greener on the other side."  (at the PVPC picnic)
 Nunzio belongs to a friend of mine, Kam, and he is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi.   He said, "Always take your bowl to the kitchen when you are done eating."  (How do I teach mine to do that!?"
 Nunzio's sister, Panda said, "Watching out the window for daddy will make him come home sooner."
 Oh Pandy.   My daughter's Peke mix.  Pandy could be cantankerous, oh yes she could.  But, she was greatly loved and she knew it.   "My mama loves me."
 Smokie Lu passed away in 2018 and Kiki Dee, the Pom, say, "Life renews itself constantly."
 Suzie says to "enjoy the day even if it's not what you wished for.   Be happy with whatever is going on."
Vanessa's dog said, "No adventure is too big-- no matter how small you are!"  I love this one-- I'm only 5 feet tall LOL.


LadyJicky said...

So many good lessons !

Lost Earring said...

This series, Lessons From My Dog is great because I think it speaks of hope and renewal.

Our Fur Kids bring joy and the belief that things do get better when we start caring for others and show them love, be it human or 4 paws.