Wednesday, January 15, 2020


 Oliver was adopted from an SPCA in 2012.  We don’t know where he was. 
 Somehow, he ended up on the streets.  He was matted and had not been cared for in a long time.
 But, he was still sweet.   Dogs amaze me with their forgiving spirits.
 We were able to get him and he spent a few days in the vet.  He was giving a soothing bath, and lab tests.   His tests came back pretty good.  That make us happy!
He came to my house for a few hours until his foster parents came to get him.  He roamed the yard and checked things out.  The other dogs didn't bother him a bit. 
He settled into a soft bed, and he had an afternoon meal.  He weighs 13 pounds and could gain a little.    He has meds for his skin and will begin Dasuquin.  He's not a young one, so this will help his joints.  (My 3 year old Paddington is on Dasuquin because his knees aren't great, but older ones benefit from Dasuquin or cosequin.  ) 
His skin will heal and he will have a dental and then be ready to go!   What a difference a few days make.  Welcome Oliver!! 


Nicky said...

Love, love love Oliver. Thank you for this informative update. Rescued is my favorite breed!!!

Lost Earring said...

Welcome to rescue Sir Oliver. Your new life has begun and there is no need for you to search for food, water or a place to lay down and sleep safely.

LadyJicky said...

You know Linda...... when his skin clears and he can grow back his fur ... he has a lot of lovely coat .... he will be just beautiful with proper grooming care !!!