Tuesday, October 30, 2012


 Ginny Lee has been with her new family for several months and she is the ultimate love bug now. She sleeps with someone every night-- it changes depending on her mood. She can snuggle and SNORE and grunt and snort-- all those sweet Peke sounds.
 Ginny still isn't crazy about other dogs.   The other day she saw deer in the yard and thought they were REALLY BIG DOGS.   She barked and they ran off and she was so proud of herself for scaring them.     
 She looks calm here with her scary costume on, but she can really get playful and tear around the house, going at top speed with one of her toys in her mouth.    She can go so fast that she slides through the kitchen and bumps into the cabinets.    
Ginny Lee loves to have hugs and tummy rubs.   She can roll over and smile at you and just be so endearing!      We're so glad you have the perfect home, Ginny Lee!!!

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lady jicky said...

I'd watch that Ginny Lee - that girl sure can carve out a mean pumpkin!