Monday, October 8, 2012


Remember Tony?     We got him out of a shelter near me.    Toni (his foster  mom) went to pick him up.   He was a 13 year old Pekingese who had been taken to the shelter by his owner.   
His dad loved this boy so much!    But, he had been told he couldn't keep him anymore, so he took him to the shelter.    (The person who told him this was later fired.   His Dad is in an assisted living facility and was allowed to have his dog there.)
 If we hadn't taken Tony, he would have been euthanized.    You see, he was a senior boy and they just aren't adopted much at shelter.     He was neutered and had a dental when we said we'd take him.     (Here he is exploring his home again.)
We kept him in foster care and his foster mom, Toni, took him to see his dad-- it made his day!    Toni asked the directors about why Tony couldn't be there since other dogs were there-- and found out he could be.
 I want to thank Toni for being willing to take in this senior boy-- without her, he would have been put down.   Because she took him to her home, he had a second chance at life.    And he got to go home to be with his daddy again-- for good!
The home has all our information and if there's an emergency, we'll be called to get Tony.    But, he is so happy to be with his dad again and his dad is thrilled to have him.    THANK YOU Toni for being that bridge of life for him!    You are my hero!


lady jicky said...

Toni ----- you are a Pekingese Hero and I am just so happy Tony the Peke can be with his Dad again!!!

They look a cute and very happy pair!!!

This story would make a great movie!!!

Chris said...

Toni, you have demonstrated what love is and why we must all be open to the greatest possible good. I am so impressed with the tender-hearted way you have handled this situation and I hope lots of folks take a page from your book. May you be blessed with more sweetness and light in your life, and I hope you and Tony and his dad will stay close . . . like family.


Paladin2010 said...

The best ending is a re-united family.

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

What a delightful and happy tail for Tony! Glad he was reunited with his Dad.

Marian Brzostek said...

Oh my !!! What a beautiful story. Tony and his Dad look so happy !! Toni, thank you sooo much for caring for this little boy until he could get back to his daddy - you are his angel on earth.

Toni Davis said...

Tony's dad is the hero here! He loved his Tony and it was his repeated visits to the shelter to check on Tony that sparked my interest. Tony has a human that truly loves him and that is all we can ask for our 4-legged friends! Tony's dad keeps in touch with me. He calls me to give me updates on Tony and he is a face book friend:) I am so glad I was able to help both Tony and his dad!