Wednesday, October 17, 2012


 Festus was a senior boy we took in.    Jeanne just couldn't leave him at the shelter.   Could you?   (Don't you just want to kiss that face!)
He was in a foster home with Briscoe and their adoptive mom said, "why not two?"  I LOVE IT!!!   So, they were adopted together.     Their foster parents have fostered many dogs, but these two are missed a lot.  They are so sweet!
 We had a meet and greet at my house for Tinsley.    His foster mom, Susan, loves him a lot-- he was the one who was chained in a yard for 2 years in cold and hot weather.     Then, we took him into rescue and he had done amazingly well.    Look at that face.
 Beach Bit helped with all the goings on here -- he threw the ball for Tinsley.
 But, when the prospective adopter saw Andy, it was instant love.  Just something about him-- and guess who went home with them!
 Andy!!   Isn't he adorable!
 Cowboy/Yoda was another older boy we took in. He came from the gassing shelter and we couldn't let him stay there.
 He went to a foster home and after a few months, they realized they couldn't imagine life without him there.    I can understand that!  He was with me awhile and if I could have had another, I would have kept him.  
I think he is one happy boy!     HOORAY FOR THE ADOPTIONS THIS WEEK!!

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lady jicky said...

Isn't it wonderful to read of many adoptions !!!