Friday, June 7, 2013


 It's a party for Pekes!    This is a parti-color Peke-- parti-color party Pekes.   Say that three times fast!  The definition of a parti-color is from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary and it says it is mostly white dog with patches of a different color. (This may not be the "legal" definition, but it works for me.)
 These two are ready!    Bring on the cake!
 Oh, my, did you eat too fast and too much?
 Ready to eat?
 Some came all dressed up for the festivities.
 Pink dresses, blue dresses.... I imagine Desi (our Diva Peke!) would have something to say about the outfits.
 This one must have partied too much-- it's time for a nap!
These two are on their way to a nap also.     Lisa, my Peke rescue friend in California posted these pictures and I had to share them.   Lisa adopted two Pekes from us when she lived in Va.    So glad she is helping the Pekes in her area!!   (She does A & A Pekingese Rescue in California.)  

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lady jicky said...

Now that is a party I would love to go to!