Sunday, June 16, 2013


 My girls were outside with me today-- Starlight was her pretty self on the deck.   (You can tell we have grandkids-- slides, toys...)
 Did you say toys?
 I'm just going to sit here so you can gaze at my pretty self.
 Cranberry was helping me plants things in the yard.   She has hit a plateau.    I remember saying in January, "I won't put her down this month."   She was not doing well at all, with the degenerative disc disease she has.   But, now she slides and gets around all over!     She managed to get right into the middle of the area I was working on.  
 She does wear a diaper inside, but outside, she loves it and manages to get all over the yard.  
I think she was giving me encouragement as I was working.
The boys just hung out inside.   Scooter is doing okay after his "coma/stroke" and he tongue still hangs out.  Some things don't change.  Max is just vegging.    Life is good!


lady jicky said...

Oh that Starlight is soooo pretty - dear Cranberry - you are a cutie too and as for the boys - hot dudes my two girls think! LOL

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Starlight is beautiful. I think she wanted her picture taken. Glad Cranberry is doing better with her DDD. I think she was "supervising" your work, Linda. Lazy boys!