Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Here's Champayne Bubbles blog again-- and this time, I'm letting you know she'd been adopted!    Her foster mom realized Bubbles has brought so much love into her life that she can't let her go.     I just love that-- and I love sweet Champayne Bubbles, too!!!     YIPPEE!!
 Champayne Bubbles came into rescue with damaged eyes.    We have tried drops for months, but simply could not clear up the problems she was having.     She was blind anyway, so her eyes were removed.
 She already knew her way about her foster home and she has done so well!
 Bubbles loves to go outside with her Peke "brother" Festus.  (He was adopted from us.)  
 And she loves her cat sister, Daisy!    They are such good friends.
 C.Bubbles is about 8 years old and a real dollbaby-- she is so friendly and loves everyone.
   Festus, her Peke brother, is so glad she's staying!!

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lady jicky said...

Champayne Bub's is a pretty girl and she would be a wonderful friend and companion for someone older who can give her much love which she will give right back!