Friday, October 25, 2013


 J.J. was turned in by his owner who could no longer take care of him.   She is older and was having trouble getting around.    She loved him but felt she couldn't give him all he needed anymore.     She told us he loved to be brushed and is just a little sensitive around his tail.    (He had his anal glands removed, so that's probably why.)
 He loves being with someone all the time.   He goes to work with his foster mom-- what a deal!!     His owner said he loves bathes and being towel dried.  With a short haircut, that's easy.   (Mine all have to be blown dry because they are just wimps and will shake if I don't-- and they have a lot of hair.)  I think J.J. will grow his hair out for the winter.  
 He gets eye drops and loves treats-- anything is better if you have a reward!  
He is very happy while he waits for his forever home-- I love this picture!    You are a sweet boy!

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lady jicky said...

Oh Linda he is divine!!!
I feel so sorry for the lady who had to give him in and I do hope who ever adopts JJ can keep her intouch with him.

I would take him in a flash as he looks so jolly !