Friday, January 1, 2016


 I hope this year will be full of joy for each of you.  I know Sugar Bit will give me a lot of joy-- even with her stand up hair.
 The Bits and the dogs will bring joy.
 Christmas may be over, but not the reason for it.
I have a home I love, a husband I love and daughter, grandbits, family and friends that I love.
 Floyd, my foster boy, brings so much happiness to our home-- he tosses toys and lives each day, loving every moment.  We can live life like he does.
 I live near the beach-- I love that!
 I can go to the Farm any time I want--one of my daughter's home.
 I can hug one grandbit...
or all of them!   And I do!
I wish all of you as much joy as Sugar Bit has on a daily basis.   She is now showing "squinty" grins to us, which crack us up.   I love my life.   What brings YOU joy as we begin this year?


Ted & Grace's Mom said...

The PERFECT photo for starting the New Year - Sugar Bit and her "adventurous" hair!! lol Much joy and happiness for the whole Peke world in 2016….. :)

lady jicky said...

We all know Sugar Bit uses hair gel !!!! LOL