Friday, January 8, 2016


 I have so many "joy" pictures and I love using them when posting about Joyful Grace.   This is a particularly happy picture!
 Joyful Grace had bloodwork on Monday to see if she was doing better and could have a dental.   She really needed one, and we knew she would feel better.    Her bloodwork was good and she had her dental yesterday.    She is missing quite a few teeth and lost a few more.   Her lower jawbone is separated (broken), but it is fairly stable and she has no trouble eating, so they did not do extensive work to repair it.   If she needs that later, we will do it then.   For now, we want her to have a clean mouth, and be as comfortable as possible.   She went home with her foster mom on Thursday afternoon.
 Her foster brother, Rudy, was there, too.   He's an older boy that came to us so he would not die in the shelter.   But, he seems determined to live.   Look at that face!   Don't you want to kiss him?   He loves his foster mom and likes to give her kisses.
 My Kai Kai was there, too.   He was getting bloodwork for his dental, too.   Joyful must think he's cute, because she is gazing at him.   Well, he is cute!   I love my boy.  
 Joyful had several layers on, and I received a box of goodies for her the other day, so she will have more cotton layers under her sweaters.   February and March can get cold here, so we will keep her very warm.
 Look how well she is standing.  She can run some, walk around easily, and her eyes are looking so good.
 Whoops, she spotted Kai Kai again.
Oh, my, I think we have a doggy crush going on!  You go, sweet Joyful!


lady jicky said...

Linda ..... in the fashion world , Joyful has the "layered look" !!! :)

So happy to see her looking so well .

Lost Earring said...

What an amazing change in Joyful from the original picture. That she is alive is a miracle constructed from stubborn determination by her rescuers , foster Mom and a lot of people who refused to allow neglect to win.

Just looking at her even with her little layers of clothing one can see her coat is coming back a little at a time.

Thank God for people who care and who are to stubborn to give up.

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Dear, dear little girl…… :)

Ted had his dental Wednesday and today he is almost back to normal (he squeaked a toy!).

Sarah Henry said...

Love you Ms. Joyful Grace. Thanks for keeping us updated. <3