Sunday, January 24, 2016


Joyful Grace has come so far.  She just amazes her foster mom-- and all of us!
Once she realized she could drink water, she was all for it!   It was amazing to have a dog who did not know how to drink, but now she does and she is eating well also.
She has been on medicine for her muscle spasms she was having and is not experiencing those now.   She doesn't cry anymore when she is picked up.
In fact, she loves a good "rub"-- after she goes outside, she wants a cuddle and rub down.   She doesn't like the cold and snow is definitely NOT her favorite thing.   So, when she comes in, a towel wrapped all around her, and getting a massage are just what she enjoys.
 Joy has received many gifts-- outfits, heating pacs, toys.   And she is getting a heating pad that is warmed in the microwave and will last 10 hours!   (I may have to check that out for myself!)   She also received a small, very soft stuffed puppy, and it simulates a heartbeat.  She adores this toy!   She runs-- for her-- and bounces when food is being prepared.   Dinner is an exciting time!!  She has also learned that she gets treats when she comes in from outside.   Life is so good for little Joyful Grace.   She has fully recovered from her dental, and her skin has healed-- now she just needs to grow some hair, but that may or may not happen.    She could not have come this far without so many of you who have helped us with her.   Thank you-- as one of our members (Roger) said,
"There are so many unknown warriors in the rescue arena who make such a difference providing sometimes only the smallest amount of much needed help to complete the chain of a rescue case. Many people only associate the rescue with the very few people who are "visible" through the social media outlets or who are included in emails. These "unsung heroes" are what makes rescuing the dogs we save possible."   THANK YOU ALL WHO HELP US!!


lady jicky said...

Oh that is so wonderful to read .....Joyful is healing and getting better every day!!
That heating pad that goes in the microwave and stays warm for 10 hours sounds great! I might get one for myself! LOL

Doris Sturm said...

It's wonderful to see a dog blossom in rescue. Joyful Grace is a lovely dog who is doing well with the help of people who care with a loving, generous heart. Bless her and all the wonderful people who helped her be happy!