Monday, January 25, 2016


 We are in S.E. Virginia-- usually below that line that gets a lot of snow.   Starlight is fine with that.
 See what a blizzard we had?
 Kai Kai and Max are checking it out.
 Chumley is not impressed.
 "Really, you call this snow?"
 Kai Kai said, "Is this all?"
 Starlight and Max are heading in.
 Floyd always wears a coat.  With his heart issues, I just feel better if I know he's warm.  The inside is fleece and the outside is waterproof.
 Max wore a pink rain coat later-- he was not a bit insulted by the color.  
 Chumley wants to go out and forage-- he thinks he is Nanook of the North.   He wandered all over the yard last night-- what did he think he would find?
 The snow blew through the screens onto the porch.  I think Pekingese were checking it out.
You can see we did not get much snow.  That is okay with me!  I know my friends are getting a lot of snow.   Stay safe!!

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lady jicky said...

Even though you do not get a lot of snow Linda ..... I was still feeling cold looking at your fabbo photos!

I wonder what Chumley saw at night??? Owls? Bats? Bears!!!!!! LOL Oh - Polar Bears by the way!:)