Friday, March 30, 2018


❤️ Yesterday's blog was tough to write and probably tougher to read.  So, today, we'll do a happy blog.
 Chumley seems to be doing better.  He's eating well and his tummy seems better.  He's had HGE twice, and we hope it doesn't ever come back again!   HGE: Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis in Dogs Explained
 And even though Nala has a tough diagnosis, she doesn't know it.
 She's our happy girl.  (This pink tongue is a previous picture, but we hope it looks like that again.)
 Kai Kai continues to heal from his stroke.  He is walking fine and his head tilt is getting better.  He is my heart and he wags his tail every time I am close or pick him up. 
 We have decided that Nala is the Peke version of Sugar Bit-- always happy!
 Yes, Sugar Bit is a happy girl!  She has decided that every room in our house is a play room and we let her.   How can we resist so much joy!
 She is always getting into adventures.   Like hiding Chumley's favorite toy in the world.
 He kept barking at the Grandfather (grandmother?) clock.   WHY??? 
 Turns out that Sugar Bit put ALL of his dumbell toys inside of it.  I don't even know how she opened the clock up to do it.
 Then, I found the toys in the bucket.   Poor Chumley is kept busy!  (And so am I! haha)
 My husband, "Poppy" continues to heal from his back surgery and Sugar Bit is his little entertainment.  Stories, lunch together, tossing toys back and forth.
 Sugar Bit adores Nala-- it's mutual.    Nala watched what I was doing today-- and that was BATHS.   She didn't realize that she and BeeBee had just had one, so they were good.
 But, Floyd needed one.   I pull the car out of the garage and blow them dry there. 
 Floyd isn't very stable, and so I decided to try the laundry basket to keep him in place-- it worked!!
 While I was busy doing dog baths (four of them), Sugar Bit continued to play with Poppy and my brother in law, who came to visit.  My sister, Nancy, and her husband live next door.  One of my daughters lives across the street-- we love our family being close! 
 She just giggled and laughed-- I could see them from the sink where I was washing Chumley.
 Nala tried to get in on the play, too.  She does not act sick-- which is great. 
 Kai Kai air dried a little and then on to the grooming table for brushing, nail trims and drying.   He's so good.  I do sometimes question if I am keeping him for ME, or if it's the best thing for him.   For now, I do not think he is in any pain.  I won't let him suffer.
 Chumley was less than thrilled about this process.   I have to let the vet tech trim his nails.  He will not let me do it.  But, I did put the e-collar on him and was able to trim the hair on his feet.   :-)
 After I was done, I went to work in my office.   The girls are wearing cute "diapers" because Nala is on pred, so she drinks more.   There have been some "accidents" so I just let them both wear one. 
It was a better day at Camp Runamuck.  ❤️


LadyJicky said...

A better day and a very busy one too Linda!!!

Lost Earring said...

So glad it is a better day at the Camp. It's such a treat to see all of your babies and getting good reports on beloved KaiKai, Chumley and the rest of the Maxwell Pekes. The Sisters having good days of playing and looking so sweet and loving is a special treat for me.

Thank you for making my day better.