Thursday, March 8, 2018


Puccini has quite a story.   He was loved by his first owner, but had no medical care.  None. 
We got him and he had an emergency dental-- the vet said it was that critical.   He also was neutered and had vaccines.   Loving a dog is just not enough.  They need medical care-- A dog's health will suffer without it. 
Puccini recovered well after his double surgery.  He didn't have many teeth yet, but now he could be healthier.  He rested and hung out with his foster mom, Monica, and his foster siblings, Hannah and Phoebe. 
He was always a happy boy.
How about a tummy rub, sweet one. 
He kept his two bottom teeth.  It gives him a jaunty look. 
He was doing great and it was time to find him a new home. 
He's so easy going and happy, he was going to be easy to place.
I think he was dreaming of his future family. 
Did you find them?
I think I'll dream about them.  💗
We found him a home!
It was time to say good-bye to his foster home.  But, a forever home was coming.
It's always hard on the foster parents to let them go- we worry about them, wanting to make sure they will be okay.
We found him rides on his journey to his new home.  We have wonderful volunteers who step up to help.  Thank you!!
He stopped at Chip's house and had some snuggle time.  He then went to my daughter's home and stayed there a few days.  My grandkids loved it!
Puccini is now at his new home and they adore him!   His mom said she was was showing his pictures as if she had a new child.  I love that.
Welcome to your new life, sweet boy!!  You deserve it!

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LadyJicky said...

How great to read Puccini is in his new home and very happy :)