Friday, March 9, 2018


 Dash has been here over a week, and he thinks it's wonderful!  So many Pekes to meet.
 He has tried to be Floyd's friend.  Floyd and Dash are about the same age and Dash has followed him around.
 Dash is a laid back boy, so sweet.   (I keep saying that about this boy, but it's so true.)
 He loves to snuggle and has decided he sleeps on our bed-- being downstairs by himself was a no-go.  LOL  He wears a belly band-- it's okay.  Sometimes older dogs need a little help. 
 He knows there are other Pekes he can meet.   He follows them closely. 
 He loves Floyd, but...
 Floyd ignores him. 
 As hard as Dash has tried, Floyd is just on his own little path.
 Dash decided to see if Max aka Mr. Grumpy, would be his friend.   Max was not a bit impressed.
 Max was not pleased haha.  Max is almost 15, but he has always been our grumpy boy.  He lives life on his terms, and being friends is not part of it.   He was friends with Scooterbug, but since Scooterbug died over three years ago, Max hasn't had a good friend.
Don't worry, Dash, when you go to your new home next week, maybe Poncho and Chacha will be his friend.  I hope so. 💗

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LadyJicky said...

Dash is just so lovely Linda :)