Tuesday, March 6, 2018


 It's hard to believe that Gus came into rescue almost four years ago!   He has changed so much-- from a neglected boy to a beautiful, healthy one.
 His mom absolutely loves him!   And he loves him right back. 
 They watched the Oscars together.   I'm not sure he was impressed.
 Are you waiting for a treat?  I'm sure your mom had some close by. 
 Are you falling asleep?  Or did your favorite not win? 
It's okay.  Mom found more treats for you and you were able to finish the show. 

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LadyJicky said...

Gus ....... I was watching the Oscars with you!!!
Yes ... true .... it was a "live feed" to Australia .

Who did you think looked the best Gus ???

Coco and I felt it was Nicole Kidman in the blue and Allison Janney in the red.... in fact we both thought Allison was The Best Dressed ... so elegant --- just like a Pekingese who , as we know , are Always Elegant :)

What the hell was Selma Hayek thinking - she is usually chic but she was wearing her curtains this year !!!