Monday, August 6, 2018


 Duke and Oreo were in their foster home for a year and a half. 
 We would love for our fosters to remain with us forever.    But, then we could not help another-- we would be too full.   Princess won't leave.  She's in hospice care, but most can be adopted.
 Rocky has been waiting for a new home with his dad, Furby.   He loves his foster home.  Maybe one day, he'll find a new home.
 We have received a lot of interest in Duke and Oreo, but the right home didn't come along. 
 Then we got an application that was wonderful.   Long time Peke lovers and owners wanted both of the boys.
 So, off they went and so far, they are doing great.   After a dog is adopted, there is a time of transition, especially after they have been in a foster home for a long time.
 And there's a transition for the pets still in the foster home.  Even the cat, who was raised by Oreo.  She isn't too sure where they went.
 Rocky misses them.
 And he looks for them.
Furby and all those still there will adjust-- and the "new" group will become the normal.   Rescuing is so rewarding-- but it hurts the heart some, too.   Thank you, Bill and Jackie, for the wonderful care you gave Duke and Oreo and all those in your care.  💜

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LadyJicky said...

It must be so hard to see them leave but if they are off to a forever home then ... that is good :)