Friday, August 31, 2018


 My sweet friend, Melinda, emailed me to tell me that Coco had passed away.
 Coco was such a beautiful little girl and I know so many of you enjoyed Melinda's comments on the blog as "Lady Jicky."
Coco had been a breeder's dog before Melinda got her, and Coco's life changed to one of love and comfort.
She was small and adored her mom and dad.
Coco used to tell me all about her adventures living in Australia.   She even emailed me pictures of her mom's paintings (her mom is amazing) and her home. 
She loved being in her yard with the flowers (always with her mom there, too).
Her eyes spoke volumes to us in just a photo.
Australia can be cold in our summer, their winter, and she loved snuggling in her blankets.
 Coco must have known I'm not much of a cook, so she thought she would give me ideas.  She even showed me her cookbook.
Coco had kidney issues, but her heart is what took her away.  One day, her breathing changed, and she went into congestive heart failure.  There was nothing that could be done.
I'm sure this photo will be cherished by her mom.  My heart is broken for her.  Coco was a beautiful girl, and had a huge place in her mom's heart-- and all of ours, too.  My love to Melinda, my sweet friend.  💜


LadyJicky said...

Oh we are missing her so much !
Thank you Linda for this lovely post on my beautiful Coco.
Coco is at the Rainbow Bridge now with dear Moi Moi.

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Melinda/LadyJicky...I am so very sorry to hear of the passing of Coco. She was such a beautiful little Peke. My deepest sympathy. I always enjoy your comments on this blog. Run and play at the Rainbow Bridge Coco!

LadyJicky said...

Thank you Ginkgo's Dad .