Saturday, March 16, 2019


 Tinsley came to us from the western part of Virginia in March of 2012.  Seven years ago!
 This is a picture of him once he was cleaned up-- He was beautiful and still is.
 You see, Tinsley lived on this tether.  Winter, summer, it didn't matter. His "owners" cared nothing about his comfort.  He was rescued by a caring neighbor, and we took him in.  That tether went right into the trash.  There are a lot of laws that are being proposed about tethering-- some people can use it correctly.  Like when you are outside and your dog wants to be out with you (and you don't have a fence).  Bu, preventing this kind of cruelty is what the laws are about. 
 Tinsley went to live with a friend of mine and he is so loved there.  He has a few quirks-- his life before we got him did cause problems, but he loves his mom and is a stunning boy in so many ways.
So, happy Arrive-a-versary Tinsley!!!  We are so glad you were saved. 

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LadyJicky said...

What a terrible thing to do .
That neighbor was a hero for little Tinsley would still be out there on that rope in cold and hot weather.
Some people should Never have animals !!!!

I am not sure on the tethering laws in my country. I just hope no one does this!!!