Thursday, June 6, 2019


 Bigsby came into rescue in May.  He was turned into a shelter by his owner of one year. 
 She was a college student and I guess she only wanted a dog for a short time-- this is so unfair to the dog. 
 Bigsby just needed neutering and a dental.   Phoebe and Hannah took the higher positions, a true showing of who's in charge. 
 He settled right in with Phoebe and Hannah.
 Hannah wasn't thrilled he was there.  ☹️
 But, Bigsby was unfazed by this.  He needed a bath, and he got one.  He needed a trim and he got that, too.   Not being a full Peke (or any Peke at all-- the little impostor lol), he needed hair on his face shorter. 
Bigsby didn't want to be boss, so he was just fine.   He has several applications, but we haven't decided where he is going yet.  He will have his dental and neuter this week and then he will be ready.   He's not a full Peke-- but it's okay.   (We were told he was.)  He still deserved our care and he got it.   We will find him a great home! 


LadyJicky said...

Oh Bigsby is a Pretend Peke and that is just fine as he is super cute and sweet just like Pekingese.

Whoever gets to keep him are so lucky .... what a beautiful boy!

Yes Linda .... that was unfair to just keep a dog for a little time and then get rid of them .

Lost Earring said...

Love the Pretend Peke term.

Unknown said...

I am happy he is getting a better life because that is the way Ginger was. I was told she was a Peke when I rescued her. Drove a long way to get her, found she was not a Peke, but I still have (Love my Foe-Peke) her after 5 years now. It took some maintenance and medical but she has a better life.