Monday, June 24, 2019


A Maryland shelter asked if we would take this "Peke mix."   From the front picture, she looked pretty Pekey.
And then, we got her.  HMMM, not so much.
She was nervous in the shelter.  Her owners had turned her in because "we can't have her where we live."   And they didn't know this before?  They only had her for a month, when a friend gave her to them.  We don't know Rosie's history before that.  But, enough is enough.
Time for some stability. 
I think she knows she is safe.
And that face-- definitely some Peke there.  I can see it!  Can't you!  The adorable teeth!
Are you happy?
Her eyes are beautiful.   She is only four years old and 14 pounds-- most of it is hair. 💜
She is looking for her forever home.  We know it's there.   She's a stunner!   We are taking applications for her.   She won't last long!  Go to our web site and fill out an only line application.   Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Online Application adopt

1 comment:

LadyJicky said...

Yes Linda .... enough is enough!

What a beauty she is and she does have a lot of Peke in there ..... when she is photographed from the back .... she looks like my Yum Yum!

Oh she will make some family out there so happy ..... Yum Yum and I are doing our Pom / Peke Adoption Dance for sweet Rosie with the Nosey !!! LOL