Thursday, June 27, 2019


I've had messages to see how Sir Gizzie is going.   Everyone loves this little guy.
He is doing better!   He is eating puppy food right now with zucchini and chicken in it. 
He wears little shirts to help his skin feel better-- and for some dogs, it just makes them feel more secure.  If any dog needs that security, he does.
More personality is coming out.   He has a bit of a bossy side.  😉  That says he IS doing better.
He loves to curl up for a nap. 
A pillow always helps.  Put your head ON it, Sir Gizzie. 
He enjoys cleaning the glass door-- such a helper.  I'll add this to my list of Peke jobs haha.
He is eating and has a full tummy.  He's licking to make sure he didn't miss anything.  This was a dog who wouldn't eat-- but after his dental and lots of meds, he is doing better.
We kept wondering why he was so sick.   So, the vet sent off a culture and found out he didn't have kennel cough-- he had a virus that was bad, and he was so sick.   The right meds did the trick.
He is still on medical hold, but will be available for adoption soon.   We love Sir Gizzie.  💙


Lost Earring said...

Wonderful news. I was even afraid to ask since he was in such dire health. Love the little guy and it's great to see him eating, being bossy and helping Linda with window and storm door cleaning chores. She has so much to do that Gizzie must be a heaven-sent helper/assistant.

LadyJicky said...

I am so happy to read that Mr Gizz is getting better and better .... keep eating little guy and take your Meds when Linda gives them to you :)
Great news Linda :)

Cookie said...

soooooo handsome !!!!!!