Saturday, October 3, 2009

Animals in Scotland

I promise-- I'll only do Scotland pictures a few more days. I just loved it so much there that I just had to share. One thing I have to tell you- never go to another country without a GPS.
WE HAD ONE! But, it took us on some interesting roads. Is this a road? If another car came through, we would have been in big trouble.
We got on one road that was through a pasture-- and the ram and sheep are not thrilled with us. Some of the sheep were on the road with us. We thought it was hysterical-- they didn't. But, the GPS led us to safety-- a mile from our destination. We should have put "main roads" but we were adventurous and saw a lot more country because of our special GPS. Loved the accent on it, too.
Still looking for Pekingese-- I found a peacock.
And a swan at Traquair House-- the Maxwell-Stuart home.
He saw me-- and thought I had something to feed him. Run, fast.
I saw chickens.
And Kune Kune pigs.
I have to say, i thought these were pretty. And when they saw me, they snorted and run over to me. Hence the sign to not feed them.
The Scots are very dog friendly-- like the rest of Brittain. They have dog bowls for them in public places.
And doggy trash boxes.
I even had a dessert-- chocolate, oh so good!-- with a dog on it.
I really wanted this cup-- I wanted to ask for this cup. But, I refrained, and left it at the restaurant.
I don't know where all the Pekingese were in Scotland. A friend wrote and said they were all hiding under the kilts. Probably true-- they knew I wanted to take their picture!!


lady jicky said...

I am really enjoying your Scotland photos - don't stop!
I have to say, it sort of reminds me of Tasmania.
I have a Scottish Grandfather. he died before I was born but my Mum says she could never understand him for his accent was very thick!He migrated to Australia - so did my grandfather and grandmother on my Mums side - from London.
I have no convicts in my Aussie background. Its very "trendy" to have a convict background these days! LOL

Becky said...

Beautiful photos!

Karin said...

I'm enjoying your photos and reading about your experiences. That dessert cup is very cute. Those Kune Kune pigs were interesting and had neat markings. Too bad they wouldn't show you their tuft under their chin ~ they were too busy grazing.