Saturday, October 24, 2009


Betty came into rescue in October-- we've taken in a lot this month! She joined the other dogs at her foster home-- here are three of them. Hanna is in the background-- a very shy girl, who loves her dog friends. Jill Lee is on the left-- a total sweetheart!! And her mom's very favorite Peke, DiDi. She was a foster "failure"-- those are the ones we love so much, we just can't let them go! Most of us end up with one or two of those.
Betty was with someone who bred her and he was her second owner. Her first owner did the same. He was going to give her to another breeder, but we were able to take her instead.
We were told that she was abused in her first home. I don't know how people can do that-- She just has to learn that we love her and she can trust us. We're not sure if she had to fight for her food, but her foster mom is working to make sure she isn't food aggressive and to learn she will not be hungry.
She's snuggling with her foster dad.
She loves to ride in the car and walk on a leash. Her foster mom is working on making sure she is housetrained-- when you're a breeder dog, you don't get a lot of training. She is checking out her new foster home. She may have a little mix in her-- sometimes that happens in rescue. We go on a picture and when we actually get them, we do "hmmm, what else is there?"
If you are interested in finding out more about Betty, please email her foster mom at or


lady jicky said...

Dear Betty , what a sad life she has lead but ... I send all the best vibes for her future. Betty looks very sweet and I have to say my little Moi does not have the best toilet training in the world for she was a breeding peke too . Mind you, she is getting better but i have to keep my eye out and grab her and we run outside!
Betty will get better like my Moi moi is!!!
Kisses to Betty!

Mary Elizabeth said...

I was lucky enough to get to meet Betty yesterday. She is very playful and affectionate. Betty will make a great addition for someone's family! Her foster mom is doing a great job with her.

Karin said...

Betty definitely looks like she feels very secure in her dad's arms. She has a peke face on a tall body :-)
You rescue organizations sure do good work. I'm disgusted with selfish breeders who are just doing it for the money with no regard to the animal's well-being.

claudine hellmuth said...

What a sweetie Betty is! I'm guessing Peke/Japanese Chin! Love the pic of her cuddling :)

Linda said...

Thanks-- I'm always trying to figure out what they are-- it's a guess. :-) Betty could very well with part Japanese Chin. ;-)

Linda said...

Thanks, Mary Elizabeth! I heard she put on a "show" for you though. :-) We have more coming in this week.