Saturday, October 10, 2009


Wu-Ling was originally adopted two years ago. He had come to us from his owner, who kept him outside with a dog house and a light bulb to keep him warm.
W-Ling was adopted again-- so quickly we were all surprised! His new dad absolutely adores him and takes him to work with him. Wu-Ling has his comfy spot where he can watch his dad work. Don't worry, Dad is never far away. :-)
Now that it's getting cooler, Wu-Ling is really enjoying the outings!
And he loves riding in the cart around the hardware store-- he gets a lot of attention, too.
After work, he gets to go into his bed, and just veg.
He can watch his Dad, or just snuggle with all his toys.
He's wearing a belly band in these pictures, but that only lasted a few days-- he hasn't had any accidents.
He loves his little tennis balls. Where's this one going? I think Wu-Ling has a watchful eye on it.
And then he just curls up with it. Life is good for him now-- thanks to his new dad!!


lady jicky said...

Oh I have been busy and have missed a few days but I tell you what - Mr Wu-Ling is a busy fella too!
Its so nice to see him in a happy and warm home!

Karin said...

Wu-Ling is more than welcome to come install some tile for me:)

Cate Bach said...

What a beautiful Peke! I love that his daddy takes him to work - he is loved!