Monday, October 26, 2009

Dogs and Tams

Okay, I can't resist something else on Scotland. I picked up pink plaid Tams for my granddaughters. They love them! Here they are with my sister, who came for my BIG birthday earlier this month.
Scooter modeled the Tam-- doesn't he look intelligent?
Wicket didn't want to wear the Tam. He's Scooter's Daddy.
Lottie, Scooter's mom, looks adorable in it. She didn't really WANT to wear it, but she did.
Kallie wore it-- she's a chocolate lab. She's looking a bit put-upon, but she was a good sport.
Pi-Pi loves having it on her head.
Cranberry, who hides out on the stairs when extra dogs are here did not want to wear the Tam.
But, she did. She is not thrilled. But, she lets me get away with a lot of things. Poor Cranberry.
Of course, the cutest Tam wearer is my granddaughter, "Bitty Bit." Dogs and Grandkids-- I love my life!


lady jicky said...

That is a cute pink tartan!

You need a Scotty dog!!!!! LOL

My first dog was a cairn terrier and I don't think Toby would have put it on his head either!!!

claudine hellmuth said...

so cute!! our Toby would get so annoyed when I would try to dress him. One Halloween I dressed him as an ewok. Had the costume on just long enough to take a photo!