Saturday, January 2, 2010

Elizabeth and Denali

Elizabeth is resting nicely, inside, where it's warm.
Denali likes to be inside, too. You'll see why soon.
" What happened outside, Mom. We are looking out there and it's all white! And it looks cold. Do we really have to go out?"
Where can they walk out here??
I don't think they'll have any meals outside soon.
Where do we go to the bathroom??
There has been so much snow lately in Virginia and Maryland. Elizabeth is trying to not sink as she wanders out in the yard. Denali was supposed to be in the picture, but she decided to duck out at the last minute! I'm sure she headed for the door, and the warm inside!

Their mom has a deck in the back yard-- a good thing when it snows a lot. The dogs can go underneath to find a place to do their business.
Stay warm, girls!


lady jicky said...

Boy that looks cold --- on New Years Eve we had temps of 100f!

Those girls need jumpers - quick!

Karin said...

Unfortunately I can relate to all that snow and the single digit temps up here in Michigan. It may be time to move to Australia!
My poms have a narrow trail through the white stuff from the deck into the yard.

lady jicky said...

Come on over karin! we will all have a peke style bbq!!!


Karin said...

Thanks, Malinda! I could surely do without the snow and freezing cold!